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M&A and Corporate Strategy Advisory

Philae Advisory has an unrivalled access to business opportunities, a broad network of investors and financiers and a deep understanding of the African markets. We can therefore successfully navigate our clients through complex business environments and transactions. This includes supporting our clients with the origination of new business to the acquisition or divestment of assets, assessing the best available options to develop both internal and external growth strategies.

Government Advisory

Philae Advisory supports Governments and state-owned enterprises for the structuring, tendering and financing of infrastructure & energy projects.

In every transaction, we aim at maximizing the overall value and impact derived from private or public investments, in the best interests of the country and its economy.

In an often highly illiquid market, we also help governments in developing compelling investment proposals and securing the best outcome from their engagements with investors and financiers.


Project & Structured Finance Advisory

Significant value is created throughout the project development phase. It is however important during this phase to ensure that various stakeholder's interests are aligned, risks are adequately allocated and mitigated, financing is secured, and investors returns are optimized.

Philae Advisory assists project promoters in designing optimal and robust contractual and financial structures, with the ability to bring projects up to a successful implementation stage.

Philae Advisory has an extensive network within the financial and investment community and a privileged access to a diversified pool of funding sources and innovative financial instruments, We can therefore successfully implement and close complex project finance transactions across various markets in Africa.

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